2022 Annual Report


Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP)

For 15 years, Shawn lived a life in flux, homeless with brief periods of housing. Life had taken a toll on him physically and mentally, and he grappled with substance abuse. His journey towards stability began in 2015, when he first engaged with the Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP).

Shawn* expressed his desire for a stable living situation during his initial discussion with an AHRP caseworker. His tailored support from AHRP encompassed case management and occupational therapy, which helped him navigate legal issues and connect with medical and addiction services.

Shawn’s path to stability was rocky, with multiple changes in housing due to various factors. Despite these setbacks, AHRP remained supportive, assisting him to address his housing needs and encouraging him to lean on his support network.

Substance use posed a major challenge for Shawn in maintaining housing. His repeated attempts at recovery often resulted in relapses. However, the loss of a close friend to addiction marked a turning point for Shawn, spurring him to quit alcohol. As of June 6, 2023, he celebrates over 1249 days of sobriety.

Shawn’s progress is commendable. He maintains a clean-living space, manages his rent payments promptly, has no guest-related issues, and is in good standing with his landlord. Shawn graduated from the AHRP program into the CUPS Graduated Rental Subsidy Program (GRSP).

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) leads an Art and Wellness Group, supporting AHRP clients transitioning from homelessness. This group uses art and mindfulness to help participants personalize their spaces and enhance well-being, fostering a sense of belonging. Through fun activities, these groups not only reveal hidden barriers but also promote independence and improve mental health. These activities, such as painting flowerpots and planting flowers, are examples of how OTs utilize their expertise to improve individuals’ daily lives, boost confidence, and enhance overall well-being. The AHRP team benefits greatly from the expertise of an OT, as well as OT practicum students.

Shawn’s story is one among many that underscores the need to offer multiple chances to those seeking stability. AHRP, as a housing-first program, works tirelessly to provide housing without barriers. Since February 2013, AHRP has housed 185 individuals, which represents 77% of the total number of people it has served. In 2022 alone, AHRP helped 31 individuals find independent housing in the community, including 15 new clients and 19 clients needing rehousing. 

Success is gradual for those dealing with multiple challenges, and the journey to stable housing often requires several attempts. AHRP offers more than shelter. It provides skill building, resource access, and the opportunity to forge community connections – all vital for successful independent living and ultimately finding that place to call “home”. 

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