2022 Annual Report

Our CJHS Staff

The phrase ‘CJHS staffers bleed blue’ is more than just a catchy slogan – it genuinely captures the spirit of our dedicated team members. Living out our 2022 theme of ‘risk and reward,’ they consistently bring their best to the table.

They showcase unswerving commitment as they assist our clients, many of whom are facing greater challenges than most. The transformation they initiate is profound, enhancing individual lives and the broader community we engage with.

But it’s not just about their team – their solidarity extends across the entire organization. They’re the ones rallying behind innovative ideas, exploring promising opportunities, and commemorating shared successes. When they confront challenging, tragic and sometimes intimidating situations, they’re the ones facilitating meaningful discussions and encouraging resilience. They support each other.

So, to all CJHS staff, here’s a sincere acknowledgment: your contributions are invaluable. Your dedication, visible in every action, is significantly shaping the landscape of our work and our community. Thank you for the inspiring work you do.