2022 Annual Report

Risk &

2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 Annual Report, centered around the theme “2022: A Year of Risks and Rewards,” invites you to join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys of our clients and the inspiring transformations they have undergone.
It showcases the incredible resilience, determination, and personal growth that emerged when they fearlessly embraced risks and reaped the well-deserved rewards. We gratefully recognize the invaluable impact of our dedicated staff on our clients’ lives and their invaluable contributions to the agency’s overall success. Lastly, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our supporters who have made these accomplishments possible. Enjoy!

Impact Stories


This is the inspiring journey of DR, a father battling addiction who sought assistance from the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) in securing employment. As DR navigates through various job hunting stages and personal challenges, we witness the powerful impact of support programs in transforming lives and catalyzing positive change. Join us as we unfold DR’s path of persistence, resilience, and achievement.

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The Literacy & Learning Program (LLP) is a beacon in adult literacy education, significantly impacting local communities and correctional facilities. In 2022, it served 242 learners, fostering literacy and confidence amid challenges linked to crime. Its impact, reflected in stories like John’s, transcends individuals to deliver societal benefits, including lower recidivism and improved community safety. The LLP disrupts the crime cycle and equips learners with vital life tools.

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In our Roofs for Youth program at the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS), one of the many things we do is to help young people obtain crucial Identification documents, a process often fraught with challenges. This is the story of Neo, a young individual who faced significant hurdles on his path to independence. With persistent support from his Caseworker and the CJHS team, Neo overcame these barriers. Enjoy reading about Neo’s journey, marked by challenges and then the positive outcome that followed.

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Shawn, having battled homelessness, health issues, and addiction for 15 years, found a turning point in his life in 2015 when he joined the Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP). This story highlights Shawn’s journey towards stability and the transformative role of a supportive program.

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Discover the compelling journey of Marvin, an immigrant youth navigating life post-incarceration. This tale spotlights his transition from the Calgary Young Offender Centre to a bright future, showcasing the profound impact of comprehensive support programs on immigrant youth lives.

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In a world of trauma and despair, Bill’s journey stands as a testament to redemption. From a life of crime and addiction, he found hope at Bedford House. This is the remarkable story of Bill’s transformation, reflecting the resilience and determination of those who seek solace within its compassionate walls.

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In the realm of justice, there are stories that defy expectations. This is one such tale—a journey of resilience and redemption. Despite the challenges posed by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a determined individual embarked on a transformative path. With support from the Extended FASD Support Program (EFSP) and a strong network, they surpassed the odds, completed probation, and avoided a criminal record. Join us as we witness their inspiring journey toward a brighter future.

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In 2022, a client from our GECOS program exemplified our theme of “Risk and Reward.” Despite the threats associated with leaving a gang, they courageously sought support, aiming for independence and freedom. Their determination peaked as they decided to remove their gang-related tattoos – a significant, risky step towards a brighter, self-determined future, showcasing the profound rewards of taking calculated risks.

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At Berkana, we don’t just provide services, we cultivate deep, transformative relationships with the women on their journey towards recovery and reintegration. In 2022, we were privileged to be part of the healing and growth of 31 incredible women. One remarkable story is that of “Lily,” who arrived at Berkana seeking stability, acceptance, and a new path forward.

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Raido House shines as a refuge for homeless youth in Ramsay. An unexpected act of generosity brought school supply-stuffed backpacks, symbolizing brighter futures. Join us in exploring Raido House’s heart, where we champion compassion, community, collaboration, and commitment to education and improving youths’ quality of life.

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Our Vision

An informed, inclusive community active in preventing crime.

Our Mission

Promoting positive change through humane, just, and informed responses to crime and its effects.

Client surveys reported the following about their involvement with the agency:

Were satisfied with CJHS services
Reported that they increased their strength and potential

Client Quotes

" I feel very comfortable in this space." The staff is very understanding and treat me with equality" [the staff are] friendly , helpful and useful." I feel comfortable here" I feel like they understand my trauma"

Thanks to Donors and Funders

The work of The Calgary John Howard Society is possible because of the generous contributions of our funders and donors. Their interest, involvement, advice, and resources continue to give us hope. Please look at this lengthy list and applaud each and everyone of them.