2022 Annual Report



Lily, who came to us after years of incarceration, recognized the difficulties she would face reintegrating into the community. Despite this, she demonstrated extraordinary commitment to her recovery, reaching out for assistance and facing her struggles with remarkable courage.

With a solid understanding that addiction is often a consequence of trauma, we employ a variety of approaches including harm reduction and trauma-informed care. This enables us to offer meaningful support to our residents.

At Berkana, we had the privilege of witnessing Lily’s growth. We celebrated her victories, applauded her resilience, and marveled at her determination in the face of challenges.

Her story of transformation didn’t stop there. During her time at Berkana, Lily found love, celebrated her pregnancy, and met her legal obligations. Today, she leads a sober and fulfilling life, cherishing every moment with her healthy and happy baby girl – a testament to her unwavering commitment to create the life she had always dreamed of.

*Client names have been changed for staff and client confidentiality

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